Eggy Phonics 1

Eggy Phonics 1

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Developer: Reading Eggs


This latest app from Reading Eggs would have to be my favourite.  Would we expect anything else from a company that has such a solid literacy learning program?  There is so much content, hours and hours of learning, lots to keep your child engaged.  You can see so much thought gone into this app – seeing is believing.

You can have as many accounts as are needed.

There are 20 Levels, each with 5 short vowel words and a revision to check your child’s learning.  Each word has 5 activities and 3 different levels (easy, then medium & hard of which, some of the activities are timed). I love the auditory processing component where they have to listen to the word and select the word and they do sound similar.  The activities are:

  1. Picture This:  Listen to the word and choosing the matching picture (5x)
  2. Spell the Word: Listen to the word and then drag the letters to the matching box (1x)
  3. Word Play: Find the word that matches the picture (3x)
  4. Spell on Your Own: Drag the letters into the correct place (1x)
  5. Bubble Words: Drag the bubbles in the correct order to spell the word (3x)
  6. Write the Word: The letter is written first and they you write it alone

The steps in learning are very gradual, to help those who take a little long in grasping literacy.  Level 1-16 are all CVC words and then by level 20 you have only 4 letter words.

The names of the letter and the sound of the letters is used all through out the app, which is in accordance from the latest research coming through, rather than just one or the other.  The repetition of instruction is also very important, so the child then starts focusing on learning the words and not focusing on the instruction.

The bright colours, the animated picture, the interactive screens in-between the activities, the Reward Dominos at the end of each word learnt and the the critters which you hatch at the end of each level, make this app a truly marvellous app in helping your child on their journey to literacy.


Phonics is an essential part of learning to read and Eggy Phonics 1 makes phonics fun and rewarding. This app focuses on the first 100 short-vowel words, such as cat, dog and bus.

Each of the 20 fun and interactive levels use a multisensory approach to learning. Children see, hear, read, spell and write each word to reinforce learning and develop a range of essential early reading skills.

Each level consists of 5 words and a revision set. The app includes a variety of rewards to keep children motivated including badges, 20 critters to hatch and a fun reward game. Children will love learning to read and write with Eggy Phonics 1.

Eggy Phonics 2 (long vowels) and 3 (harder words) coming soon!


Category: Literacy
Released: June 4, 2013
Version: 1.0.0
Language: English
Requirements: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.


Website: Reading Eggs
Facebook Page: Reading Eggs
Twitter:  @readingeggs
Pinterest: Reading Eggs
App: Eggy Phonics 1
Cost: $2.99



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